ZooKeeper runnable in the distributed environment

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In the article, Role of ZooKeeper in API Portal, you would have seen the basic details about ZooKeeper and its usage in API Portal. In this section, you will see about the role of ZooKeeper in the distributed installation.

ZooKeeper in the distributed environment

As ZooKeeper act as the service registry for various components (aka) runnables, the availability of the ZooKeeper is the critical for functioning of the product. For this, more than one ZooKeeper runnable are grouped to form a cluster and we call it as "ensemble".

This ensemble ensures, the output of the changes done in one of the ZooKeeper runnable is synced across all the ZooKeeper nodes. 

ACC Commands

To add a zookeeper runnable in the current node,

add zk

To add a zookeeper runnable in the node n1

on n1 add zk

To remove a zookeeper instance which has id=2, (property myid = 2 on executing the command, how runnable <instance id of zookeeper>),

remove zk myid 2