xsl in a collection?

2 question hope that the tamino develop can help me.

1)Can I load an xsl file into a collection rather than the standard ino:etc?

2)after loading the xsl file(in either ino:etc or other collection) how do i access it from tamino? If I am using a passthru servlet.

help… I need a demo done asap for my client.


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  1. yes. You can define a simple schema in a collection, with a doctype called xsl:stylesheet. In the schema you define only the root node ‘xsl:stylesheet’ with content type of ANY, no indexing. This will allow stylesheets to be stored into a collection of your choice.

    2) When you store an XML document you can associate a “filename” to it. So in TII you can specify the database URL such as:


    And process the the XSL to store it. This will associate an ino:id to it and also a the ‘filename’ or document name of ‘style1.xsl’.

    You can retreive the document with either of the following URL, assuming the ino:id assigned was 1:




    Hope this helps.
    xsl.xml (424 Bytes)

PassThru Servlet works with the XSL now!
Thanks alot!

well done!


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