xsl: checking

can i put xsl:if like this??
<xsl:if test=“string(local-name()) = ‘frame’|string(local-name())=‘repeatingFrame’|string(local-name())=‘field’|string(local-name())=‘text’”>

mens i need to check for multiple condition…how to do?

I think that should work, although I would have defined a variable to hold the local-name string so you wouldn’t have to repeat string(local-name()) every time.

But I suspect that a better way to do this to replace your xsl:if with an xsl:apply-templates statement using a mode:

<xsl:apply-templates select='.' mode='x'/>


<xsl:template match='frame|repeatingFrame|field|text' mode='x'>
<!-- whatever you were going to put in your xsl:if statement -->