xsi:type & tamino


I’m working in an xml project and I have a problem. Let me explain the environment first: tamino 4, colection revisioncontent & 2 schemas: project & revision. I’ve attached the code.
How things should be going: my program takes an xml doc (which is based on project schema, something like project->obj->property->attr) and creates a revision of that doc (which is based on revision shema, something like rev->content->project->obj->property->attr), so that the project doc content is included in the revision doc.
The problem is that the resulting revision doc has, along with all other content of project an element attribute of element project that is something like xsi:type=“Project”. The XML spy says that there is no problem with that, but I cannot insert this document into tamino database.
Can somebody (who knows XML & Java, I guess) help me with this problem. I am trying to figure it out, but for this moment I have no clue.
10x in advance for your interest.
P.S. if you want, I can give you the project doc & the revision doc.
schemas.rar (1.12 KB)

How do you try to insert the document - with the Tamino API for Java?
If yes, what is the exception, that you receive? What output delivers the toXMLString() method of that exception?

I read the tamino docs and there is some doc that sais: “xsi:schemaLocation and xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation
These items are ignored in instances as Tamino provides its own way how schemas are located within the current collection - documents containing xsi:type are rejected.”
The problem seems to be unsurmontable and seems that I need another aproach.
Maybe manually excluding this xsi:type will be the simplest workaround…

This is the error output I receive when I try to insert intor tamino an xml document with xmlns:xsi=“http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance”.

XMLContentStore>>> setRevisionContent>>> XMLDBException occured (errorcode=1):NestedException:Tamino access failure (INOXDE7781, Invalid or unsupported attribute found., Line 3, Column 109: )

org.xmldb.API.base.XMLDBException: NestedException:Tamino access failure (INOXDE7781, Invalid or unsupported attribute found., Line 3, Column 109: )

at com.softwareag.tamino.xmldb.API.base.TCollection.storeResource(TCollection.java:746)