XQuery for WM 7.1.2 IS


I am trying to find if an element with a name exists in an xml complex element using queryXMLNode service. I was unluckily not able to achieve this, Can somebody please help me.

Here are the details.

Structure is like this,

x y a b

I have given the query like this


I also tried copying this to a string and them substitute this in query ( argument of queryXMLNode function). Still its not working. I have checked the case of the variable it is fine but no output.

The arguments I have given are .

name = some name
resultType= record list
query =%variable% which copies the above statements.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I got the solution. My query is on attribute but I am writing for a normal element so it was failing. I have used ‘@’ which is used to denote an attribute and it started working.