XML string as input to WM Service thru JSP

Thank you very much for your info Doraemon,

I have made small change to my service by adding an input string and a branch step. so that the service works for both the input types.

But now I am having a problem in handling the response. My webMethods service pipeline has “response” a xml string. I couldn’t get that message into my jsp page. I want to just display the xml string as it is.

any ideas…??

Thanks in advance,

it worked when i use <webm:value> tag, but now the issue is IE browser is not displaying the output xml string, instead its displaying the values between the tags and not all the values too. Is there a easy way to handle out xmlstring in jsp after getting the response from <webm:invoke>.

Your answers helped a lot Mr Doraemon. Thanks a lot.


You can use the webmethods service pub.string:HTMLEncode to make the xml string webbrowser friendly. You could also try to the xml in html <code> </code> tags. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

Was this issue resovled? It would help others to know. What steps/choices did you make? Thank you. Good day.

Yemi Bedu