xml over http with content-type:application/xml



I have created a REST API, and i am calling it from rest client using pub.client:http.

I am passing the payload in data/string, i have set header/content-type as “application/xml”.

I am not getting the expected response from the REST API. I got this error in server logs.
" [ISC.0076.0007W] XMLCoder decode invalid data type: com.softwareag.is.enterprisegateway.net.HttpInputStream "

Can anyone clarify doubts,

1. How to the xml is parsed in REST API for the content-type [b]application/xml[/b]?
2. What are the values needs to be passed from pub.client:http?

Thanks in advance!!! :slight_smile:


Venkat – [ISC.0076.0007W] XMLCoder decode invalid data type: is a warning and not an error, as indicated by the ‘W’ in the code, ‘ISC.0076.0007W’. It means an attempt was made to write a some object to disk (one way is by using savePipeline/savePipelineToFile). In most cases, it is safe to ignore these messages. To eliminate it completely, reduce the logging level to 4 or below.

Your questions are not clear to comment. Please do explain clearly.


Hi MR,

this warning will be only suppressed when setting the log level for Log Factory 0076 to anything below 2.

The mapping of the Letters and the numbers is as follows:

  • C - Critical - 0
  • E - Error - 1
  • W - Warning - 2
  • I - Info - 3
  • D - Debug - 4
  • T - Trace - 5 thru 10 (formely known as Verbose 1 thru Verbose 6)


Thanks for your response.

I am calling rest api using client:http from rest client, passing payload in data/string, encode-type as “application/xml”.
The thing i want to know here is in rest api, on what data type i would receive the xml and process it? String or bytes or stream.

I hope it makes you clear?

Please let me know if it is not clear.


Content-type of text/xml shows up in the pipeline as an XML node object named node.