Xml Message and image as attachment

We have requirement that our client would be sending xml message as email body and an image file as an attachment. I am able to process the xml message in both ways.

  1. Present in body as : variablename={xmldata}
  2. XML data as an attachment.

What would be the best way to process the message when XML is in body and image in attachment . I am using 7.1 IS and a POP3 port to read the mails .

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Take a look to mime data services. Attachment on emails comes as multipart.

IS Built-in services guide has description for mime, and if I recall correctly on Advantage you can find some multipart example.

Okie…I kind of figured it out how to approach , however the vital point I missed while posted my problem first was that the messsages would be AS1 messeges…any further insight would be great help !!