XML Digital Signature and XML Encryption


As webMethods 6.5 (SP1) doesn’t support XML Encryption & Signature, i am thinking to use some third party tool. The requirement is to sign and encrypt xml(xml element content) payload and send it over https.

I understand that webM 7.1 provides xml security support but we can’t upgrade to 7.1 at this point.

Pls advice if anyone has already used any tools or has some sample to share.


Hi Gregg,

Some time has passed since you posted your question. I’m facing the same challenges here in Brazil. Did you find a way out?

I’m using wM 6.1.5, and I’m analysing some options, but they are all customized code. And besides this, one of the requirements is to establish an HTTPS connection, using digital certificate authentication on both ends.


Hi Redbrick,

I used bouncy castle libs, Apache and Java cryptography APIs. You may also analyzing some XML fileware security tools available for XML encryption/signature.


Hi Gregg,

Actually if you want to sign/verify and XML signature you may use this built-in service pub.security.pkcs7:sign (exists even before 6.5 SP1) which does an encryption using PKCS7 with two algorithms, in which does the same as of bouncy castle