XATopicConnectionFactory creation through JMSAdmin tool


We are using Broker as JMS provider and java clients are connecting to broker using Generic JMS API.
We wanted to implement distributed transactions (XA), since generic JMS API supports it.

While creating ConnectionFactory through MWS, we can see XATopicConnectionFactory & XAQueueConnectionFactory in the dropdown as an options. But when we tried to create connection using jmsadmin tool via command prompt, there is no option available as such and giving below error.

[BRJ.130.1031] Command Syntax Error: Encountered: “XATopicConnectionFactory”. Expected:
“ClusterConnectionFactory” “ClusterQueueConnectionFactory”
“ClusterTopicConnectionFactory” “CompositeConnectionFactory”
“CompositeQueueConnectionFactory” “CompositeTopicConnectionFactory”
“ConnectionFactory” “QueueConnectionFactory”
“TopicConnectionFactory” “cf”
“cl_cf” “cl_qcf”
“cl_tcf” “cm_cf”
“cm_qcf” “cm_tcf”
“qcf” “queue”
“string” “tcf”

Any idea what would be the equivalent connection factory option for XATopicConnectionFactory & XAQueueConnectionFactory respectively?

Already verified “webMethods Broker’s messaging programmer’s guide”, couldn’t find anything.

Issue is resolved.
By default any connection factory through JMS Admin tool its XA enabled, there is property called “useXA” and it’s default value is “True”.
If we don’t want XA functionality, we have to specifically set the value to false.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile: