XA-Transaction-Batch Insert Issue

Hello All,

I am trying to create batch insert adapter service with a XA jdbc connection,but I am not able to select the table from the schema.

The table is not displaying under that specified schema.But I observerd that,when creating select or insert adapter service,I am able to see the same table under the schema.Only issue is with the batch insert.

Any idea?


One wild guess is you might need to refresh your adapter service and then will be able to see the table under the schema.




the issue was XA transaction wont support Batch Insert.

This is what pdf says(jdbc -adapter pdf-page no-105)

“Note: For BatchInsertSQL services, you must use a LOCAL_TRANSACTION connection.
If you do not use LOCAL_TRANSACTION, you will not see a list of tables in the
Tables tab.”

So,now I am using Local transaction for batch insert.