x - machine: INOXPE8702

while trying out some URL-commands to fill my database, i got the same problem as mentioned in this posting
Load Error INOXPE8702: Invalid document prolog

unfortunately i cannot find any solution, neither in this forum, nor in the documentation.

i’m trying to add documents (the patient/hospital examples) into a database. my x-machine command is spelled like this:

 <A HREF="http://localhost/tamino/<db>/Hospital/patient?_process=<path>/atkins.xml" TARGET=_blank>http://localhost/tamino/<db>/Hospital/patient?_process=<path>/atkins.xml</A> 

and its producing the above mentioned fault.
using the interactive interface, the loading of the same daocuments into the same database workes without any faults.

any hints?

The bit that comes after the _process= keyword is the raw xml document itself, hence /atkins.xml is not a valid XML document. You need to replace /atkins.xml with the actual XML document content.

The Tamino Interactive Interface is HTML and defines a form. When you click “Process”, the browser takes the name of the file and reads its contents and appends it to the _process keyword.

does this mean, that i have to put every single node of the data i want to fill into the DB into my URL like that:

 <A HREF="http://localhost/tamino/<db>/Hospital/patient?_process=<node1>contentx</node1>" TARGET=_blank>http://localhost/tamino/<db>/Hospital/patient?_process=<node1>contentx</node1></A> </pre><BR><BR><pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre"> <A HREF="http://localhost/tamino/<db>/Hospital/patient?_process=<node2>contenty</node2>" TARGET=_blank>http://localhost/tamino/<db>/Hospital/patient?_process=<node2>contenty</node2></A> </pre><BR><BR>or maybe that way:<BR><BR><pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre"> <A HREF="http://localhost/tamino/<db>/Hospital/patient?_process=<node1>contentx</node1><node2>contenty</node2>" TARGET=_blank>http://localhost/tamino/<db>/Hospital/patient?_process=<node1>contentx</node1><node2>contenty</node2></A> 


The bit that comes after the _process is the entire xml, e.g.

http://localhost/tamino/mydb/Hospital/patient?_process=<?xml version="1.0"?>…

You don’t separate nodes into separate requests, its just one single _process with the complete XML document including the xml prolog.

thanks a lot, stuart.