WSDL error

I’m trying to create a web service connector for a given wsdl file. I’m getting error giving file is not valid. I created the WSDL file using webmethods console. I have applied all service packs to the IS server 4.6.
How to find where the occured. Is it an error with webmethods WSDL generation.
How to solve the wsdl generation error.
Any help would appreciated


Can you post the specific error message? And maybe the the applicable portion of th wsdl file?

Hi Rob,
I made a simple service with 2 inputs. When i try to create a web connector using wsdl it give a strange error “connection to host lost”. One of the previous discussions , gave a solution to this probs ie error in soap-encoding schema. I replaced the import schema with :-xsd:import namespace=" schemaLocation=“D:\Program Files\webMethods\IntegrationServer4\packages\WmPublic\pub\schema\soap-encoding.xsd”/>
For simple inputs replacing the soap encoding schema works. But when I create a service with a record as input it give some 50 schema validation errors in “soap-encoding.xsd”. How to solve this problem. Where can i find a proper soap encoding schema file so to find a panacea to all wsdl file genaration and consumption errors.
Does webmethods provide any patch to this. I had applied sp1 and sp2 to the is server.


Try just removing the import of the soap-encoding.xsd altogether. I think the WSDL->WSC code will automatically add this import if needed with an instance of the schema that has the bugs in the public version fixed.