wsclient-socketTimeout usage

hi All,

In CAF Application Run time configuration, in the Environment Variables, I set ‘wsclient-socketTimeout’ to 200000 milliseconds.

In a portlet, I am calling a webService whose response time can be more than 200000 milliseconds. If the response of the webService call takes more than 200000 milliseconds, I am expecting read time out / socket timeout exception to be thrown in MWS logs.

But system is waiting more than 200000 milliseconds for the webService response (around 600K milliseconds) and if still response didn’t come from the webService then it is throwing connection reset exception.

What I also can observe is, during my waiting time to retrieve the response from the webService call, I can see the same request is getting submitted to the webService thrice (which is not desired to me) with around 60 seconds interval (though the request to the service got displayed only once in MWS logs, from the webService logs we can observe that request got submitted thrice).

Could you please advise if -

  1. there is any configuration which will make the MWS server to submit the request with certain interval if the response didn’t come in specified time in wsclient-socketTimeout?

  2. Eventhough I set wsclient-socketTimeout to 200000 milliseconds, why it is not giving socket read timeout / reset connection exception after 200000 milliseconds?

    Below is the only configuration I have in my page bean, before calling webService

 private static final String[][] MYSERVICE_WEBSERVICE_CONNECTOR_PROPERTY_BINDINGS = new String[][] {
		{"#{myService_WebService_Connector.endpointAddress}", "#{environment[\"myserviceEndpointAddress\"]}"},

Kind regards,
Raja sekhar Kintali

Hi Raja Sekhar,
Can you please try adding the following tags to the web.xml of your MWS portlet application project and then publish it.
Leave the value blank, so that it takes it from the CAF runtime configuration you configured for this project.
If this doesnt work, then try setting the value in web.xml it self.



Please let me know if there is any difference in the behavior.