WS-Security using Private key

Hi All,

We have requirement to implement WS Security using partner private key , for consumer .

I have gone through the WebService Developer guide and few threads in the WMUser, but still in confusion :(.

All i have is the Private key from the partner [.pfx file], is this enough for implementing the Security for WS.

I am not using any EndPoint alias for the WS. Do i need to create it for implementing security?

Currently i am trying to store the private key at one location and call it before WS call and pass it to the inputs of WS call which is not working , is this possible ??? if so , what i have to do to achieve this?

Thanks in Advance,


Hi ,

I assuming you are using 7.x ver.

Try this ,

Installed private key and Add WS-Security handler (click on add in pipeline)in Handler tab of wsdl descriptor, In properties select security style …eg: Consumer with USERNAME…ETC




I manage to make it work by creating End point alias and passing the private key there.