WS Client with 3rd party jars

Has anyone incorporated 3rd party jars into their IS to enable support for WS elements not supported by webMethods.

I’m thinking of using Axis or similar since WM does not support wsse password digest, xml canonicalization, xml d-sig. I have to do it for 6.5 but these elements are still not supported by WM in 7.1. I need the ws to be consumed by other services in IS so I’m looking to create the connector class with the 3rd party jars. I’d assume it will be somewhat like the Glue on IS solution - though WM is not offering this going forward either.

I’d be interested to know if anyone has tried it or perhaps even created a common WS services package.




I have considered using one of the SAAJ implementations to supplement the built-in IS 7.1 functionality but have not had a project need to justify the time just yet.

My current project uses the SpringWS project with XML Beans and Sun SAAJ 1.3, but this client is not a WM customer.


I’m thinking I should be able to put the jar in my package/code/jars. Then I should be able to wrap appropriate code fragments with the pipeline in out to host the java services that would create token, sign message etc…

I’m hoping there’s no clashes like with the Glue on IS implementation.

I’m giving it a whirl and if I get anywhere maybe I can post a sample up.



Make sure you set the option in package’s manifest file so that the package’s ClassLoader takes precedence over the server’s ClassLoader. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure that you’ll have clashes. (This also requires a Fix in 7.1)
Packages like Axis and CXF all have some sort of XML libraries which may clash with IS.
I don’t have the details of the option, which you need to add off top of my head. Neither the Fix name required. If you require it, I’ll look it up.

Great tip - thanks. Axis does need an XML parser they use/recommend xerces by default.