Writting java classes

Hi ,
i am new webmethods, i got small question.
i would like to write a java class in webmthods developer. and i want to call that class methods from my java service. would please tell me how to do this.
please help me out.


You need to create a jar file which contains the new class methods etc…and put this jar file in the webMethods classpath see this location
c:\webMethods\IntegrationServer\lib\jars folder.

Finally restart the IS server.Then you should call the class methods in the developer.


Thanks a lot. that helps. i need one more help. is it possible without restarting the IS server. is there any alternative. because we are using the same server for production. that may cause some problems.

I dont think it will help with out server restart.this is the standard behaviour for setting classpath in IS.


RMG’s advice is good as usual.

koppaka, since you’ve stated that you’re “new to webmethods” I thought I’d provide a caution about diving into using Java too quickly.

As a general rule of thumb, you don’t need to use Java for most of your integration solutions. You may find this thread helpful:



That was really a great thread: very interesting and good example of how these discussion forums can really pull a lot of good information from different sources together. I wonder if the opinions expressed there would be changed any in the three years or so since they were posted. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.