Writing an adhoc to update a list of vendors

Hello, I am fairly new to natural and have a question.

I currently have a file stored on my mainframe that is essentially a list of vendors and contains information such as status country and name. i currently have a state listed as ‘md’ and I want it written out as ‘maryland’ for all vendors that have ‘md’. Is there some code that already exists that I would be able to use to help me get started. I am looking to just write an ad hoc that will take care of this problem for all of the records.


Someone probably has code written and tested, but you can do it yourself fairly quickly and easily. Define two arrays:

1 #abbr (a2/1:50) init <‘AK’, ‘AL’, etc
1 #longform (a15/1:50) init <‘Alaska’,‘Alabama’, etc

EXAMINE #abbr (*) for record-value giving index #index

#longform (#index) then has your long form.

If this is a large file, please post a note to this effect. the code can be written a bit more efficiently using a REDEFINE of #abbr (*) into a string and EXAMINE’ing the string.