Writing a java client under websphere to webmethods services

Hello, not sure if this is the right forum for this question but couldn’t find any fitting well.

Here’s my problem: we are starting to implement webMethods in my company as our integration tool. I am a web application developper, programming in the web/java/websphere environment.

I have been provided a WSDL file and asked to write a prototype simple web application accessing the web service and displaying the results in an html document, the webservice only being a simple method returning an array of data.

To do so i used a little utility called wsdl2java (provided in the apache axis framework), which basically generated a service class, a service locator and a stub class.

I wrote the client code (a simple jsp page) and my problem is that the call of the method call.invoke() (call being an instance of org.apache.axis.client.Call) returning the array of data takes about 10 seconds, while when we’re accessing directly the webservice from the url using some webMethods html generation it takes less than 2 seconds.

The problem is that we want this feature integrated in a web application and can’t rely only on the webMethods html generation but have to call it from the java code, and 10 secs is way too much for such a simple set of data.

So here’s my question : what am i doing wrong ? shouldn’t i use the apache axis classes to access webMethods ? Is there an integrated way of generated an optimized java client code ?

Thanks a lot for any help


Quentin you can generate WM client code from WM Developer tool to call your webservice loctaed in webMethods. It is WM client Java program that connects to WM server to invoke a service remotely using HTTP as default protocol.