WRITE WORK FILE with Edit Mask

Hello all!

It’s not a real problem for me…
But sometimes I wonder why it’s impossible to combine a “write work file” with an edit mask.
Or is there a way I don’t know about?



Why don’t take a Printfile?

Like this Natural on Host Code?


You only have to cut off the Newpages with an external Tool

You’ll get spaces inserted between the various fields in that case, if that doesn’t matter - fine :wink:

Which other case could afford the use of a Map other than with Spaces? The Map-Editor doesn’t take fields without space between them, or?

Here’s a part of my NATURAL-code:

define data local
01 #workfile_name (A50)
01 #workfile_delimiter (A1) const <';'>
* ...

define work file 1 #workfile_name  type 'ASCII'
* and later in the code
if view.logical-field
  #a := 'Y'
  #a := 'N'
write work file 1

I guess it would get more complex if i would do it with a printfile…

No, that’s due to the “attribute bytes”

Looks like you want to write a csv-File. Why don’t use:

compress view.Alpha-field view.Numeric-field with delimiter ';' into #av leaving no space 

On Open Systems Alpha lenght Variable is a good type for that. On Host (Nat 3.2.1) its not possible.

I agree that an edit mask specification on a field in a WRITE WORK statement would be a nice enhancement.

But for your specific requirement, change the IF to a MOVE EDITED as in

MOVE EDITED view.logical-field (EM=‘N’/‘Y’) TO #A

You can get fancy and use something like (EM=‘False’/‘True’)

OK, my code was just a excerpt of a bigger program. Normally I’m doing much more inside my if-statements…

But I guess you agree, that the following code would be the best solution:

write work file 1
   view.date-field (EM=YYYY-MM-DD)
   view.logical-field (EM='N'/'Y')

By the way, to create CSV you always should use COMPRESS NUMERIC, otherwise signs and decimal points get lost.

As i said - With Nat 3.2.1 i can’t use compress because of max. Alpha 253 or A1/1:32000. But thank you for this hint. If i get in Future Nat4.2 i would know it :slight_smile:

But on 3.2 i normaly generate a subprogramm which uses the input parameter area and write it down in csv-structure with also changing types from logical and nummeric to text.

There are at least three reasons:

NAT0285 (when I run your code)
NAT0100 (if I use a logical field inside compress)
NAT0023 (if I use an Edit Mask inside compress)


I’ve been a programmer for 15 years, and today I learned something new.

a new trick

MOVE EDITED view.logical-field (EM='N'/'Y') TO #A