Write JSP Variable Values to the Webm Scope Option Param

I have problems with writing the JSP variable values dinamically to the Param on the Webm Scope. In the JSPDevGuide only mentions about writing it statically like below :
<webm:scope options=“param(Input1=1) param(Input2=2)”>

Then how to put the value in parameter Input1 and Input2 from JSP variable ? Thanks for any answers …

Once you are in the scope, you can set the variables there with the usePipeline tag. Here is an example:

{ } : substitute angle brackets for the curly ones

{webm:scope recordName=“null”}
com.wm.data.IDataCursor idc = webm_pipe.getCursor();
idc.insertAfter(“myVar”, myVarJSP);
idc = null;
{webm:value variable=“myVar” null=“NOT SET” /}

Good day.

Yemi Bedu