write file on remote server

I have to write a flat file on a remote server.
Cannot use FTP because remote server is not configured for FTP

Can you use SSH ??

If you can, probably that could help.


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let me clarify,
I have to write a flat file on shared network directory(remote server)
On windows, I have mapped shared directory
From webMethods I am unable to write using X:\hostname\folder
Also tried UNC path \hostname\folder even this does not work
any other approach that will help here

If you have a Windows drive mapping “X:” to your shared network directory, your file path would not include the hostname. It would just be “X:[I]foldername[/i]”.

Windows is notorious for dropping shared drive mappings with password changes, OS hiccoughs, network issues, etc. I would not recommend relying on a shared drive mapping in production.


If you’re trying to have Integration Server invoke a java service to write files, both mapped drives and UNC paths DO work. Typically the problem is permissions. For example, if the IS service is run under the Local System account, this account has no network privileges and will be unable to write to a network share. If this is your problem, try having the service run under a user account with write access to the appropriate directory. If this is not the problem, we would need more information about your environment and how you are trying to write the files to help.


how to check whether IS has network privileges ?
IS is running as window service.

How to run IS under different user account?

Open the ‘Services’ control under Administrative Tools. Find the entry for IS. One of the columns should be ‘Log On As’. If this says ‘LocalSystem’ you will want to change this. Stop the service, double-click on it to open its properties and go to the ‘LogOn’ tab. Select ‘This account’ and put in an account and password. Restart the service.


I made changes for IS service, but cannot start IS with account/pwd.
But I was able to start IS from command prompt. Now I am able to access shared network drive.

How to start IS as service with new account/pwd ?

It works from the command line because in that case it’s running with your credentials and not those of the local system account. If there’s a browse button for the account, use that. Otherwise, you may also need to prefix the domain name to the account (domain\username).


I setup IS service to run with account instead of localsystem account and I restarted WM.
When I start IS as service then I am unable to access shared network directory.

Sounds like you have some troubleshooting to do. I would start with logging into Windows as the user whose credentials IS is using and see if you can access the network share normally. Check the security/permissions on the share and verify that the user has the correct access. Then step through your file writing service in Developer to see what kind of errors are being thrown. This is one of those problems that you’re in a much better position to solve than anyone else. HTH,