Working with hotfolder

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Now i want to work with hotfolder, based on my pub.file.getFile that access my local folder now i want access the folder from the server. Its on the same network,so i try to shared the folder and access it directly but dont work…

Does anyone know how to do that? are i must use pub.client.ftp.get?

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The IS service is running with the System user of local windows (assumed you are running on windows), it may not have the access to the folder on the network. You can create a new windows user, give the user access to the folder and bring up the IS service using that user, it should work.


Is the shared folder path is accessible to Integration Server where it can access it?

What is the folder path you are giving in the getFile?

Definetely the IS is not able to access the path due to permissions or some thing…For testing can you try give the dir path that is inside the /IntegrationServer/testfolder/yourfile and then run the service and try give the path out side the IS folder above and try test ?

Based on the above scenarios talk to your sys admin on the shared folder access issues for the user.



I assume you are aware of limitation of getFile service, it works for local file system only.

I suggest to explore the option of file polling, which gives you better control and management of file handling. As per my experience file polling is a proven solution for hot-folder monitoring.

I like to hear more from experts and you as well.



Yes it works local file system unless the folder is accessible to IS root user (this is the key that Tong Wang was also saying).


Thanks all :),
for now im use pub.client.ftp:login and pub.client.ftp:login to get the file data and save it to local IS server, after that i use pub.file:getFile to get the file from local folder.
It works, but i dont know are this is the best way?

Why do you need need getFile another step and you can straight use same FTP session from login remote site and ftp:get and extract the bytes/stream data from the get itself and proceeding to down stream steps?

Why did you have to put the file to some local folder and then use getFile?


because i think the ftp:get cannot extract my file (.xml) to proccess it for next step (xmlStringToXmlNode).
Im desperated :smiley: and im use getFile, copy the data from ftp server folder to my local IS folder :D.

If from ftp:get can convert xmlStringToXMLNode directly without use getFile, what must i do sir ?

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convert the content to string