Workflow Task Status

Hello Guys,

I have a question:
I have a working workflow… The question is I have three tasks waiting for different users to take action. I have customized the tasks for the users to pick the reasons for not Approving. They pick the reasons 1,2,3… and hit the custom button to disapprove the task. On the button “Reject” I have custom services which does all the inserts and updates to the DB tables. I am setting the Task Status as “error”. When the user rejects the task by clicking the button, the remaining Tasks which are in the queue for other Users to take necessary actions are also getting as action takened (an Cross Mark) and the Workflow process as “Failed”

Is it the behavior of the workflow process that when we set the Task as “error” the PRT assumes that something went wrong with the WF?

I don’t want the other Tasks to be “CROSSED” I want the other users to take the Action to the remaining Tasks. I don’t want the process to end when out of three tasks , just one Task is rejected, I want the process to continue. Do I have to set the Task status as “cancelled” instead of “error”?

Your help is appreciated.


I cannot make it out how your process is designed but the “error” status is a terminating status and that (Task Engine) will instruct PRT that something is wrong.

One alternative is :

Set a custom task status as “REJECTED” and task status as “COMPLETED”.
In this way, the PRT will acknowledge the task completion and proceed further while functionally you can query custom status and would know that this is a rejected task.



Thanks for your reply! Actually I figured it out. I should not be setting the tasks to “error”, instead set it to “cancelled”. By doing this all the Tasks associated to that particular WF are getting cancelled and not cancelling other tasks related to the other WF.

Thanks for your reply!