Workflow not running when document published to broker


We are finding that a workflow will not kick-off when a document is published to the broker. We had this problem with webMethods 6.0 no services pack however applying sp1 throughout broker, integration server, and workflow fixed this problem. I have recently updated wM with service pack 2 however now we are seeing the original problem. Does anyone know what changed between sp0 and sp1 that would fix the problem and between sp1 and sp2 that may have re-introduced the problem? I have a ticket open with webMethods but just wondering if anybody knows. Also, is there an easy way to back out a webMethods service pack? Thanks.

Did you got any special fix for your workflow problem or it’s just SP1 resolved the issue earlier.

If that is the case then just contact webMethdos and cross check whether SP2 has that fix in it or not.

We had a similiar issue with some other error where webMethods provided a fix and later on when we got an updated SP that Sp was not having that fix.