Workflow Logging amp Monitoring withwithout Modeler

Hi Guys,
I am trying to see if we can Monitor Workflow Processes when we are not using it in tandem with Modeler.

These are the steps i have done so far to enable logging…

  1. Enable audit logging
    create log tables, jdbc pools, associate and test them.
    watt.server fields in server.cnf

  2. Enable workflow logging
    enable data logging at the workflow level and the step level.
    enable store log images at the generate workflow level.

  3. Enable document logging at the broker level.

  4. Make sure the logging utility started(and debug trace off???)

Now the tables under contention i understand are

Once i run the workfow i assume i have to be able to look at the 1.process models and
2.the progress status(at what step is process at currently )
3.Data at each step / workflow level(as i have enabled all the fileds in the doc that is flowing through my workflow)

When i go to the Monitor i just see the images of my workflow.
I dont see what step is being executed or the document data.

I checked the tabels and i see that the tables WMPROCESS,WMPROCESSSTEP,WMCUSTOMPROCESSDATA have not been populated.

Well do i need to include my workflow project as part of the modeler step to be able to monitor it completely??

or can i use workflow without the modeler and still be able to look and track the whole workflow process and the document data via Monitor?

I do see the Images for the workflow in the monitor but nothing else…

i am not publishing any documents…just a simple workflow…that inserts data in one task and approves in another…

Please let me know if i am missing something…

Thank you

I have the same problem.
I also enabled workflow logging how described above.
1: Enable data logging at the workflow level and the step level.
2: Enable store log images at the generate workflow level.

If anyone knows how to realy enable logging, please help me.