Workflow Configurator

Environment: wM 6.01
Database: MS SQL Server 2000)

Environment: wM 6.01
Database: MS SQL Server 2000

The Workflow Configurator has two screens that require database information: webMethods Monitor Database for process logging, and Database Configuration for Workflow Databases. Should this be the same database? Should Workflow have it’s own database?

I’m currently having trouble monitoring Workflow processes. After viewing the Workflow Monitoring Demo on the Advantage site it appears that Workflow should have it’s own database, however, I don’t recall any scripts creating tables for this database. What am I missing?

Thanks for any help!

Brian, there aren’t any (out-of-the-box) sql scripts to create/drop/populate Workflow tables. The Workflow configurator will take care of creating/dropping and loading Workflow tables. The recommendation is to create a separate tablespace, userid/password for your Workflow servers in your database. See page 111 of the webMethods Installation Guide (v6.0.1.) for more information.