Workflow and IE 55

Has any one experienced problems with using Internet Explore 5.5 to view workflow tasks? We have seen an issue with using IE 5.5 to display a form with input fields within a table. The same form works correctly if we use IE 5.0 to display the task. The issue is that we have buttons on our form and under certain, repeatable situations, the buttons will not work if using IE 5.5 but will work in the same situations in IE 5.0.

IE 5.0 and 5.5 differ in respect to the maximum buffer length that can be passed to the server side using the get method of the html form. IE 5.0 allowed more data to be sent and IE 5.5 allows less data to be sent. For the sake of (in)sanity, IE 6.0 and 6.0 SP1 build 00288 also differ from the others. I have seen many problems in this area but there is a simple solution;

Check your form tag and see what you have defined as the form’s method. If it is not defined it will default to the “get” method. Simply force the form to post by coding the form tag as method=“post”.

Hope this helps.

Rob Tiberio
Director Workflow Technology