Workflow 61 Installation


I am new to webMethods Workflow. We are currently using Integration 4.6 in a Solaris environment. Can we install webMethods Workflow 6.1 on the same machine (it it dependant on the IS installation version? Or does it require a broker (enterprise server)?

Please advise.

Workflow server 6.1 needs IS 6.1 with broker.


Thanks for the advice. Do you know if Workflow Server 4.6 is standalone? We have IS4.6 but no broker.


Broker is required for Workflow 6.1, and you do need a servlet container to run the web-based inbox application (contained in “workflow.war”).

You can certainly use the Tomcat instance included with IS 6.1, but any standalone or embedded servlet container will do. The Workflow user’s guide contains instructions on how to do this with Apache Tomcat or BEA Weblogic.

You will also need a relational database. Available options with the current release are Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2000 and DB2.

Because Broker is a required component, your company should have a license for it at least to be used with Workflow. You can contact your regional sales rep to confirm this.