WmXSLT/pub.xslt.Transformations:transformSerialXML Error...Any help ?


I am using the Subjected Service in my Flow for Transforming the XMLdata to a Document in turn we are convering it into PDF.

I am getting the error “[XSL.0002.9001] JAXP: Error instantiating transformer - Could not compile stylesheet” from tranformSerialXML service.

I have set the value of the TransformerFactory “org.apache.xalan.processor.TransformerFactoryImpl” . And we are using XSLT 1


After removing the special characters in XSLT the built in service is working now

Hi Kiran,

I have similar requirement. Could you please tell me the steps your followed for creating pdf from xml file.

If possible please share your email id.

Appreciate your help.


For converting xml to pdf you can use apache fop jar files… Let me know if this is fixed or not?