WmtntransportprimaryHTTP usage

All - I would like to use this service to post an XML document from an IS to its own TN (not to a partner). Is this possible? If so, how do I get TN to recognize the document’s DocType? TIA

I am resending this post to bring it back in the forefront and would definitely appreciate any feedback.


If you want to submit a doc to TN from within a service you can call wm.tn:receive in your flow or use pub.client:http and specify the appropriate parameters to post to wm.tn:receive.

Hi Rob - I will try wm.tn:receive. We are not able to use pub.client:http for security reasons since it requires a username/password for authentication.

I’ve also tried using routeXML but for some reason, our C client cannot handle it’s response.


> If so, how do I get TN to recognize the document’s DocType?

wm.tn:receive carries out a “security check” to ensure the sender document named in the document is the same as the logged-in IS user who submitted the document. If this is a problem for your application (say, you’re posting documents from other senders), you can use these two services:

wm.tn.doc:recognize - takes a node, recognizes it and outputs a bizdoc
wm.tn.doc:submit - persists the bizdoc into TN