WmSamples Log Class in Util Directory

Hi Everyone. A few quick questions…

In WmSamples, there is a folder called util underneath the code directory of the package. It contains a single class called, Log. I’ve looked at the code and it’s a class with final static log methods. Grep’ing the entire WmSamples package code directory I find several of the samples use this util.Log class and it’s final static methods.

What has me scratching my head is:

a. Why does this folder not show up in Designer? How can I code using folders and classes like this but do so in Designer so I can take advantage of Eclipse development features? I can code outside of it, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t really want to jump around if I don’t have too.

b. How do I point Designer to this folder so calls to these methods are resolved by the compiler? Currently they are not found and the compiler complains about not being able to resolve the folder util or the class Log (much less it’s static final methods)

c. What is the scope of a folder created manually like this in the WebMethods world? Is it package level only or can other packages see this folder/class(es)?

d. What is the technical Wm term for this technique of placing source folders manually at the top of a Wm package? I wanted to search the documentation for what this was so I could help myself, but I had no idea what to start hunting for.

Designer redlines these calls in WmSamples after unlocking for edit but the test Flow service still runs and pulls up the sample properties. I copied the propertiesFile folder from WmSamples/sample to my package using Designer, then took care to copy the util folder/Log class to the same position in my package as it is in WmSamples and I get the same problem in Designer. In my package I get a huge dialog that states my service can’t be compiled, and I get the little red X mark next to my service in PackageNavigator. This does not happen in WmSample from what I’ve seen thus far.

I am using the Service Development perspective in it’s vanilla configuration. I’ve added not additional views. I can always comment out the logging, but I’d like to leave it in if possible.

I hope I explained all of that well enough. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Dan,

I was also wondering about this class. In my Project I want to have a central managed logging utility. This would be a possible solution for me.
I see there is no respond on this item. Where you able to solve this and did you eventually got answers via an other way.
If you know how could you post a explanation?

Regards Dirk


What is your exact requirement? I assume you are working on a wM logging project and need some directions to any specific issues?



Correct I currently working on a Wm project. We don’t want to use flow debug log in our project.
I know there is a WmLogging package around which has the possibility to integrate log4j into your project.

I have a log4j setup which loads at start up log4j and creates a package specific logfile.
This is a requirement for our project.
I also have a lot of java services and there I want to use also the feature of log4j.
Currently I generated for every service the flow debug log.

The nice thing of the util.Log.log is that there is 1 place which takes care of the logging for java service.
That is the reason I wanted to have something similar in my project.
I added the util.Log into my project but in my designer I get all the time compile errors.
I was not able to add this class on the classpath.

Any ideas or solutions are welcome
Regards Dirk