WmRoot- getDependent service

Can someone help me to figure it out what are the input parameters for the service getDependent? I know that in ‘node’ parameter I set the name of service to get the list of it’s dependents; But, I am not sure what do i need to set in ‘filter’ and ‘exluded’ parameters…which values?


I don’t know. But I feel I should mention that calling services from WmRoot is not recommended. These services might be removed or changed any time.

Not sure what filter does - but I didn’t have to use it for my use case. Exclude does exactly what you think - list any flows you want to have excluded from the resulting dependent/referencedBy list.

For example, if you are checking dependents of test.tester:flow, and it normally returns test.tester:dep1 and test.tester:dep2, then listing test.tester:dep2 in the exclude list will mean that test.tester:dep1 will be the only dependent returned.

Ukslim has a point. However, in some cases (such as automated administration), WmRoot services can be very useful. I always make sure that anytime I use a WmRoot service, I have first checked to ensure that I can not do it another way, and that the resulting flow is both secured and located in a utility package, not in the same package as my other production code.

Just went back and played with the utility code where I had previously used getDependent. The filter can be used to limit results to a specific package (and likely to a specific folder, though I did not try that.)

For example, if the dependent/referencedBy list is pulling from both MyCode and MyLocalUtilities packages, and I know that MyLocalUtilities will never be published anywhere, I can exclude it from the dependent/referencedBy list by including a filter of name=package and value=MyLocalUtilities.

If you misspell or miscase package, then it ignores the filter.

To limit to a folder, use name=interface and value=. The foldername does not have to be fully qualified.

Guys, you really help me now…
Thanks a lot!