WmOAOMG1157 wm_from_salesorder_vw.sql dbscripts error

I want to use Predefined Transaction Services Order Management package.
When I want to import wm_install_from_salesorder.sql false on create
Due to OE_SALES_CREDITS table without QUOTA_FLAG column on Oracle Applications schema.

Is webMethods OA adapter sql script mistake ?

Are you using this against a correct version of Oracle Apps?
It only works with Oracle Apps 11.5.7 for these predefined transactions.
I went to check our database for OA 11.5.7. It gave me the following:

 Name                                      Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------- -------- --------------
 SALES_CREDIT_ID                           NOT NULL NUMBER
 CREATION_DATE                             NOT NULL DATE
 CREATED_BY                                NOT NULL NUMBER
 LAST_UPDATE_DATE                          NOT NULL DATE
 LAST_UPDATED_BY                           NOT NULL NUMBER
 LAST_UPDATE_LOGIN                                  NUMBER
 HEADER_ID                                 NOT NULL NUMBER
 QUOTA_FLAG                                         VARCHAR2(1)
 SALESREP_ID                               NOT NULL NUMBER(15)
 PERCENT                                   NOT NULL NUMBER
 LINE_ID                                            NUMBER
 CONTEXT                                            VARCHAR2(30)
 ATTRIBUTE1                                         VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE2                                         VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE3                                         VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE4                                         VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE5                                         VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE6                                         VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE7                                         VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE8                                         VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE9                                         VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE10                                        VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE11                                        VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE12                                        VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE13                                        VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE14                                        VARCHAR2(240)
 ATTRIBUTE15                                        VARCHAR2(240)
 DW_UPDATE_ADVICE_FLAG                              VARCHAR2(1)
 WH_UPDATE_DATE                                     DATE
 ORIG_SYS_CREDIT_REF                                VARCHAR2(50)
 SALES_CREDIT_TYPE_ID                               NUMBER
 LOCK_CONTROL                                       NUMBER

I don’t found QUOTA_FLAG on OE_SALES_CREDITS but on OE_CREDITS_IFACE_ALL in our Oracle Applications.
And I found it same our Oracle Applications on version 11.5.7 Oracle Order Management Suite APIs and Open Interfaces Manual.