WMMonitor Configure

Hi all,
we are moving to 6.0.1 from es5.0, and iam trying to configure the audit logs to log in database, i have created all the pools , and IS was able to connect to databse correctly, but wheni want to use the WMmonitor package, i donot see any data logged there, like services stopped,failed, success etc nothing. and iam logging documents in broker, iam loggin all the services audit.

any help will be greatly appreciated.


Have you applied sp1 for WmMonitor pacakge. Check service packs for your intergration server and WmMonitor.


Did you change the ‘watt.server.audutLog’ setting? Default is ‘local’, and it should be changed to ‘database’. Refer page 102 in IS Admin guide.


Hi all,
Thank you all for replying this post.

I did applied SP1 for WmMonitor and i changed the server variables too i.e watt.server.auditLog=perSvc and watt.server.auditStore=database

after restarting the server couple of times i logged into database where audit process and core tables exits, and checked the tables manualy i found some recent entries, but when i try to see these entries from WmMonitor page i conldn’t,

what might be the problem i don’t know
any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

Integration Server is installed on Windows or Unix?