WmMonitor API start date of a process


i am trying to use pub.monitor.process.instance:getInstanceList service and others in the pub.monitor.process.instance folder for providing a service that delivers data about a process instance.

But I cannot find a start date as a result of that service - there is just a AUDITTIMESTRING which seems to contain the date of the last status update. In My webMethods process instance detail view there is a start date. So so how can I access this data.

Any help is appreciated.

Mathias Düsterhöft

Hi Mathias,

The AUDITTIMESTAMP (and the other Process Monitor time stamp entries) contains the timestamp as milliseconds since 00:00:00 1st January 1970.

For example, I sometimes load this data in Excel and use this function in the spreadsheet to show the date, e.g. with the timestamp value in E29:

=IF(E29=0, “N/A”, DATEVALUE(“01/01/1970”)+E29/1000/3600/24)

I haven’t done the translation to a Java Date object or String for a while so I don’t have the code to hand but it’s pretty easy to put that into a simple Java service in IS. I haven’t checked in v8 but I don’t think such a service is available in the Monitor package (although it would be good if it was).

Hope that helps.
Rob D.

Hello Rob,

thanks for your reply. There seems to be a little misunderstanding here. I am not trying to convert the epoch time to a java date. This would be fairly easy (new Date(epochTimeValue)). I was just stating that the service pub.monitor.process.instance:getInstanceList does not return a start date for a process instance. It just provides an audit date (which seems to be the date of the last status update). What I need is something provided by the service ws.monitor.process.instance:getList - this service provides a firstTimeString which contains the date of the first status (I assume this is the start date of the process). But this service is not in the pub folder of the WmMonitor folder. Does that mean I should not use it?

And by the way - why are there three different types of APIs in the WmMonitor package - in pub, ws and wm folder?