WmJMS adapter Vs WmMQ Adapater

Hello Gurus…

I am new to the implementation of these adapaters.
we have a websphere MQ and we need to put/get messages from this MQ queue. Also we have WmJMS adapter and WmMQ adapater packages . Please suggest me which one to use and the pros and cons of using each one.

Thanks in adavance,


I would say you better use WmMQ (websphere MQ) adapter to (pub/sub queues/topics) communicate with MQSeries system…

Ofcourse you can also use JMSAdapter (client) unless the MQSeries is acting as a JMS provider…Is broker component is also part of your integration??


RMG,Thanks alot for the reply.

As of now we are not considering the Broker as part of our solution.