WmJBoss - unique constraint violated

Hi All,

I’m getting following exception during some EJB methods are being invoked via WmJBoss package:

[JBS.0122.0001E] ERROR [STDERR] java.sql.SQLException: [wm-cjdbc33-0069][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle] ORA-00001: unique constraint (WM_OP_SCHEMA.SYS_C001528) violated

SYS_C001528 is a primary key constraint for table PRTPROCLOCK and column LOCKID.

There are no rows in the table, so it looks like that WmJBoss package tries to insert some run-time data into this table.

I haven’t found any suitable information here nor on advantage yet, so I hope someone will answer and help me to solve this problem ;o)



Hi All,

I am getting the same error on my IS.I got this error only after WMJBOSS was installed on my IS.
[JBS.0122.0001E] ERROR [STDERR]
Did anyone get the same issue and could resolve this?