Wm6.5 Broker Admin Package not present

I installed wm6.5 ,broker is connected but WmBrokerAdmin package is not there.
Can some one sort this issue.:confused: :confused:

Do you mean is this package got not listed under Packages/Management section??Did you checked hitting this page with http://localhost:5555/WmBrokerAdmin to make sure Broker connection/settings exist and also check the status in MWS portal of Broker section??


Broker Admin has moved over to the MwS with the latest service packs. Are you pure 6.5 or have you installed the latest service paks? If you have installed the latest then log into your MwS portal to find the new BrokerAdmin functions.

As correctly said by griffima, If you are installing WebMethods without service packs, you would find it under Integration Server as “Broker Administrator”.
If you are installing a newer version, you will find Broker tools Under My WebMethods Server X.xx as Broker and JMS X.xx

Please see attached image


Its happens very often that after installation of webMethods product suite we are not seeing WmBrokerAdmin package.
You can re-insatll this package again but first you have to grab the archive of this package from somewhere else.And then put it in replicate/inbound folder and insatll it from IS console.

thanks ,Got the answer

but, if we don’t have MwS, what will happens? when we’ll be installing SP2, even that will be marked to be installed or what else?


If you already have WmBrokerAdmin, you can continue to use it as long as you install Fix 1 as stated in the release notes.

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