wM-Siebel connections config file

Good afternoon,

my question is related to wmSiebelAdapter 6.0.

On Siebel documentation, a Siebel.properties file is referred as being “the” used file for configuring connections between clients using Java DBean BO Interface and Siebel servers. However, the only reference made to this file on the wmSiebelAdapter 6.0 SP 3 documentation is on the Using Connections with Siebel Server Load Balancing section.

Having this in mind and without using Load Balancing features, my question is in what way are the connections between webMethods Integration Server and Siebel servers handled using Java DBean BO interface without the use of Siebel.properties file?

Technical detais:

  • wM IS 7.1.1;
  • wM Siebel Adapter 6.0 SP3;
  • JVM 1.5;
  • Solaris OS;

Thank you in advance for any attention on this matter.