wm.server.ns:deleteNode is never being invoked

Hello all,

I am writing kind a tool that tracks developing activity on IS.
I am able to track modifying, creating and moving nodes.
I just need write own class, that do ‘tracking operations’ and invokes original wm services.
It is easy to redefine methods being called by IS thanks to ‘java_data’ parameter in node.ndf files.

But I have a problem with tracking nodes’ deleting.
As far as I could notice, wm.server.ns:deleteNode service is never being called while deleting.
wm.server.nsimpl:deleteNodes is being called and then for particular node, simply invokes in loop local method deleteNode.

wm.server.nsimpl:deleteNodes is a method in nsimpl class, so I cannot change its name or redefine it, because there are no sources.
It would be great, if deleteNodes could invoke wm.server.ns:deleteNode service instead of simple calling deleteNode method.
I think that it won’t change functionality, because by default wm.server.ns:deleteNode points to the same method, but it would bring possibility to redefine calling method and implement tracking solution, just like for putNode, makeNode and moveNode.

Maybe someone has another idea how my ‘delete tracking solution’ could be implemented.
Thanks in advance.

tested on IS but 8.2 seems to have same issue

Try using CrossVista they have the same solution already developed.