wm JIRA integration and REST API

How can we connect wm to JIRA database , I need to perform JIRA REST API calls to update/insert to JIRA

You can use the JDBCAdapter if it some thing it supports connectivity the JIRA database.

Where is the JIRA installed in your environemnt MS SQL Server or MY SQL or Oracle or DB2 schema?

BTW,what is your IS version?


I wouldn’t use the JDBC adapter to integrate with a packaged application (assumed there is no documented and supported interface via the database which usually isn’t). The database usually is the private storage of the app and should not be interfered with. Better use an official API of the application.
Jira has a REST interface and IS supports REST (assumed you use an up to date version). The Jira Rest services are documented on the Atlassian Homepage, using REST from IS is documented in the REST_Developers_Guide. So imho REST is the better way to go here.

Thanks Martin on the WS-REST API to integrate with JIRA…I was just suggesting if JDBCAdapter or WmDB can be used as a DB layer to integrate if that supports out of box.