wm cloud lift and shift implementation


Can someone please guide me as to how the wm integration cloud will work in following few scenarios, when we do a lift and shift of our existing webMethods integrations on cloud

  1. I have config files and other data files stored in Integration server directory. How will those be stored and access when I move my integrations on cloud using lift and shift?

  2. I have database adapters - how will I access those on premise DB? Do I have to move the DB into cloud as well? or will there be any other means to connect to on premise DB?

  3. We have MQ adapters - how can those be converted into cloud?

  4. We have various other on premise servers with whom we connect through (S)FTP. How can we connect to them?

  5. How can we implement reverse gateway servers?

  6. How to monitor transactions? I am not seeing MWS in cloud, does it mean that we have to monitor all B2B transactions through the web page itself?

Do we have any demo, primarily on how to work with B2B transactions and monitor them in cloud!

Appreciate to have some guidance on these areas, so that I can do some PoC for the feasibility study!