wM 9.10 Terracotta server start up in background


I am starting Terracotta server on Linux machine using the ./start-tc-server.sh provided in <SAG_Installation>/Terracotta/server/bin

This starts the Terracotta server on Linux console.

The below ways to start the terracotta in background have not helped.
The terracotta does not come up in the background.

./start-tc-server.sh &
./start-tc-server.sh -d -p pid
nohup ./start-tc-server.sh > /dev/null 2>&1 &

What is the way to start terracotta in background.


hi Revathi,

When you grep for process, do you see terracotta process? Also do you have right java path configured within startup script? You may have have to look at tc-config.xml as this file parameters are used during start up. We run on Solaris and we use command like below.

    nohup sh start-tc-server.sh -f tc-config.xml -n <cluster node to start> &

FYI, if you are running on cluster, the cluster node to start is assigned within the tc-config.xml