[WM 7.1.2] problem with process ID value displayed in Designer

We are trying to update an existing model
The problem we encounter is that the process ID value displayed in Designer is different from the one deployed in our different environments (test, production)
As a result, the deployment process fails

We are using version 7.1.2 of webMethods

We would like to know if there is a possibility to modify the process ID value (to match the one deployed on our IS)
In which file is it defined, where is it stored?
If we are able to change this value, we think the deployment phase would work

Thank you in advance for your suggestions/answers


Hi Stephane,

there has been an issue with the length of the related fields in the database schema and the audit descriptor for it.

Take a look at the readme for PRT_7.1.2_Fix13 (the latest one available) and the latest DatabaseConfigurator-Fix for your version for details.

Please check and adapt the following things:


  • Search for PROCESSKEY and modify it from 64 to 255.
  • Clear the content of IntegrationServer/WmRepository4 folder.
  • Restart the IS afterwards to make this setting active.

Check the following Tables in your IS-Database:

  • PRT*
    for occurences of Columns PROCESSKEY or MODELID and their resp. length.

Get the tables altered so that these columns have a length of 255 chararcters.

Unfortunately you will not directly be able to correct the existing data without corrupting the active instances.