WM 601 Broker crash


I have this error in the adapter

Broker Failure (100-2015): The operation failed because the broker does not have enough storage to process the request. Alert your administrator

and then the broker server crashed. When I try to restart it it fails.

My first quess is that the data storage files are filled and I would try to resize them.

Can anyone give me a hint if this will work or what else could be done to solve the problem?


Adding another Broker.qs.stor and Broker.qs.log file won’t hurt. Just make sure the Server is down when you issue the apporpriate config command.
Sometimes that’s all you need.
If your broker files become corrupt, as ours did last week, then you’ll need to perform a restore of an earlier copy using your disaster backups, of both the .stor and .log files. (hopefully they got backed up even though they may have been “in use”) This is not something you want to do in production, as you may loose some queued data. Also, you will loose any EI changes made since the backup.

P.S. There is a new SP for broker V601
Hope that helps,


I am in charge of UNIX administration and i receive the following error message in an “integration Server” log file:

com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ISS.0098.9014] BrokerException: Broker Failure (100-2015): The operation failed because the Broker does not have enough storage to process the request. Alert your administrator.

The Webmethods administrator told me there is a problem on a UNIX file system. After check, I saw no overflow on any file system.
Is there a problem on Webmethods broker ?
I read some information about Broker.qs.stor and broker.qs.log files. What are this files ? Do we have reach a storage limit in this files ?

Thank you for your help.


the .stor file is used to store queued data, and broker adapter code (IC’s, Co’s), and document types. You can see it’s utilization in the broker admin screens (in IS V601), or thru the old manager tool.
Because of the way the file is sliced for different document sizes, you may still show available space but not really have a place for documents of a specific size.
I always increase the size to atleast 1G.

You can add additional .stor (or .log files) by using commands similar to the below (these are all one command, but may be wrapped in the display below) Note the ‘2’ in the file name. See the broker admin guide for details:
Adding a log file
E:\webMethods\Broker\bin>server_config storage E:\webMethods\Broker\data\awbrokers60\default -qs_log_file E:\webMethods\Broker\data\awbrokers60\default\Broker.qs2.log 256M

Adding a stor file
E:\webMethods\Broker\bin>server_config storage E:\webMethods\Broker\data\awbrokers60\default -qs_storage_file E:\webMethods\Broker\data\awbrokers60\default\Broker.qs2.stor 6000M 1000M

Note: Your .log file for the broker must be big enought to handle any transaction/document the broker is requested to handle. This includes .adl files you want to import (old EI code stuff).

AFAIK There is a limit on how many document you can multi-publish.
2560 documents. I think this number is hardcoded and not allow to configure.

So when you create flows you have to make sure to handle this situation.
I know there is patch available for v4.x but not sure about the 6.x.
Check with wM support about this problem.