WM 6.5.1 to 8.0.1

We are considering moving from WM 6.5.1 to 8.0.1. We only really use Integrated Server and Trading Networks pieces of 6.5.

Is it even possible?

Any one have an experience or helpful advice?

May be it should be a smooth upgrade WM 6.5.1 → 8.0.1 as you are only dealing with IS/TN components of it.Only thing to look at it is any major DB Schema changes etc…

But i believe its better upgrade in a step wise:
WM upgrade 6.5 SP2 (very stable) ->7.1.2 SP2(very stable) - > 8.0 SP1(once it becomes more stable)



I want to make sure I do not suggest a move for a moves sake. However looking at our situation I hate to do work twice, and would not want to spend so much time migrating only to have to do it again next year. So we were trying to decide to migrate to 7.1.2 or skip it and move straight to 8

So in your experience 7.1.2 is more stable?

Totally understood and pain of the upgrading back and forth!

So in your experience 7.1.2 is more stable? → YES


Thank you. You have helped me on various fronts.

Now back to clustering…

It should be good with clustering too…ofcourse there are some cluster fixes released during various stages!