WM 6.1/Java 1.4.2 using jvmstat 2.0 can't find java pid

Hi -

We are trying to get some visibility into our webMethods jvm environment. Our server is running windows 2000 SP4 with sun java 1.4.2 and webMethods integration server 6.1. The webmethods jvm runs as a windows service (ISNTSvc.exe). On our development box I downloaded jvmstat 2.0 and if I start webmethods by using the bat file from command prompt I am able to find the java pid because windows sees it run as java.exe. My question is does anyone know how to use jvmstat 2.0 to find a pid on an application running as a service. I realize it is probably something in the .bat file but I can’t run it as a .bat file on production. Any help would be appreciated and please let me know if you have any questions.


Use a Windows tool like Process Explorer to help you find the right process to connect to with jvmstat.


Thanks for the response reamon but I can already see the process id but the jvm tools don’t recognize the vmid because its not able to connect on the rmi port as a service.

I’m not sure but perhaps the info here may help.


Thanks reamon I saw that earlier but I’ll take another look. I might be able to run jvm tools with the service account.