Will Webmethods Connect to SAP HANA Cloud Application


Thanx in advance

Will Webmethods Connect to SAP Hana Cloud Application

If Yes, How to connect and what are the details required. Could you please let me know.?

There is “SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud” available if you intend to use webMethods Integration Cloud (refer docs) and I am not sure if there is a cloud streams connector available at http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/communities/public/webmethods/products/cloudstreams/downloads/connectors-cloudstreams/

There is no on-premise support for “SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud” available as of now. SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud connector supports ‘Import’ operation on webMethods Integration Cloud.

Yes currently there is no connector available for specific for “SAP S/4HANA Marketing Cloud”

Alternative only is as suggested by experts above.


Have you checked whether JDBC Adapter supports connecting to SAP Hana DB? Are you referring to exactly to SAP HCM or the dB itself??