Will there ever be "user defined data types"?

Hello everyone!

I am working with Natural for quite a long time and I get used to it.

What I really miss with Natural is a concept of user defined data types.
A concept which is similar to typedefs in “C” or the LIKE in PL/1.

The real world example is: make a copy of a PDA.

I have to define the original PDA and in order to save it during runtime
I have to define an identical LDA (or PDA). I have to invoke both and
then I can do a move by name.

If the original PDA changes, I have to remember that there is a copy
which must be changed as well.

To be honest: There are only four such copies in my universe, but I always get mad about it.

So the question is: Is there any hope that sometimes Natural will offer
a concept of user defined data types?

Any hope is welcomed.

Especially if there are many fields in the PDA (LDA) you should not be doing a MOVE BY NAME. REDEFINE the entire PDA as a single alpha field and MOVE just one field to another field. This saves resources when transferring control from one object to another, and when “save’ing” the PDA or LDA.


Hi Steve.

Thy for the hint. But it doesn’t answer my initial posting.

Regards, Christian

This also does not answer your question, but you can treat a PDA just like an LDA. Why do a move at all? You can WRITE WORK 1 #MYPDA

I do find a problem in reverse though: because one cannot define a View within a PDA, one cannot pass a View without creating a PDA copy of the View’s LDA.